Bacon Egg and Toast Muffins

We all love those big breakfast egg casseroles, but for our busy lives, the idea of getting up an hour early on a work day to pop this in the oven is just too much. And let’s be real. We’d just end up tossing a banana at the kiddies and having them eat in the car on the way to school.

These are quick and easy to prepare the night before and maybe, just maybe, you could find a few minutes to sit with your family and enjoy breakfast before you start your day.

muffin bacon egg toast

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Cantaloupe Orange Sorbet

To me, this is the perfect sweet treat to beat the summer heat. The sorbet also has fresh orange juice, which compliments the cantaloupe perfectly.  When making your own sorbet it is recommended that you add a small amount of wine or other alcohol to increase the smoothness and scoopability. Yum!

cantaloupe orange sorbet

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