Apple Candleholders

Apples are in season, and they just so happen to make adorable––not to mention budget-friendly––candle-holders. We saw this simple craft listed for Halloween, but we think it can be used for so much more.   Place them on windowsills and mantels for a unique way to cast a glow and usher in fall. Use them in a bowl or on a plate for a unique centerpiece for Thanksgiving. Or place some loose greenery around it for a red and green Christmas display.

apple candleholder

Skill level: Beginner

Steel tub filled with water (optional)
Black permanent marker
Tea lights
Craft or paring knife
Small spoon
Lemon juice


1. Place an apple in tub to see how it floats; mark dot at center top. Repeat for all apples.

2. Center tea light over dot; trace outline with knife, cutting as deep as tea light depth.

3. Scoop out marked area; slice apple within marked area to make it easier to scoop.

4. Squeeze lemon juice over cut surface of each apple.

5. Place tea lights in holes; place in tub, if using, and light votives.

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