Storing Produce in the Refrigerator

Some produce are terrible roommates  – they are a bit “gassy”.

The main way to lengthen shelf life of produce is by using cold temperatures to slow food’s respiration, or ‘breathing’ process.”  In general, the warmer the temperature, the faster the rate of respiration, which is why refrigeration is critical for most produce. But while you want to slow it down, you don’t want to stop the breathing altogether. The worst thing to do is seal fruits and vegetables in an airtight bag.  You’ll suffocate them and speed up decay.produce in frig

But some fruits simply don’t get along with other produce – and they

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Making Fresh Fruits and Vegetable Last

What to Eat First?

You can enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables with just a single weekly trip to the supermarket, with proper storage and a little planning. The key is eating the more perishable produce early on. Use this guide based on a Sunday shopping trip. The timing suggestions are for ready-to-eat produce, so allow extra days for ripening if you’re buying, say, green bananas or not-quite-ripe pears. And remember, looks count. Appearance— —is the best clue to whether fruits and veggies are fresh to begin with.


EAT FIRST: Sunday to Tuesday

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Storing Greens

greens in a bowlSo you make a commitment to eat fresh healthy produce; you pick up some beautiful local grown greens at The Market and store them in your refrigerator when you get home.  But a few days later your crisp greens are turning slimy, brown, and wilted.


Well with a few minutes of time and just a bit of effort you can extend the life of those delicate greens from days to possibly weeks. Seriously. Weeks.

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Peaches – White or Yellow?

Peaches are stone fruits, also called drupes, because of the “stone” or pit inside that holds the seed. But to call a peach a stone in any way seems terribly misleading. How many of us remember sitting outside on a hot summer day with sweet peach juice running down our face and dripping off our hands. We didn’t dare attempt to come back in the house until we rinsed off with the hose.

peaches kids eating outside
Back then the only peaches I knew of were Yellow. That’s because

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Slow Cooker Honey Balsamic Pork Roast

An awesome meal that takes only minutes to prepare (but looks and tastes like you spent a lot of time on it!).  The secret is to take some of the juices from the bottom of the crock pot, mix in some cornstarch, and watch how easy it is to make an amazing gravy to drizzle over the top!

Makes 6-8 servings (depending on size of roast)


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