Halloween Rice Krispy Treats

These were just Too Darn Cute and Easy to not share!! rice krispy treat halloween

Every kids loves the sweet and slightly sticky Rice Krispy treats. Making this at home with the kiddos is super fun and easy.  And the only limit is your, or their, imagination.

You’re going to need food coloring (LOTS OF IT) and cookie cutters. Then just go crazy!

1. To get the color super saturated, you’ll need copious amounts of food coloring – like a full teaspoon of the Wilton jells for most colors. For the black, it’s more like a full jar … um, seriously. (Try not to think about it … it’s only once a year. 🙂

2. The other trick to getting a solid color is to use half the amount of cereal the original recipe calls for. Here’s what I wound up doing:

rice krispy treat recipe

3. To make the stripes, cut long strips from solid blocks of color (like on the tray above) and mush them together.

rice krispy treat how to

4. Use a generous amount of non-stick coooking spray on the cookie cutters. You’re welcome.

5. Let the cereal cool for 10-15 minutes at room temperature before cutting. That way the cereal mix will be somewhat set, but easier to work with. Once your shapes are made, go ahead and refrigerate to set.

rice krispy treat how to 2

Aren’t they just adorable!! We thought so, too.

recipe from: choose-to-thrive.com

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