Applesauce Cake with Caramel Glaze

Who could resist such a decadent dessert? This spiced applesauce cake, topped with Southern-style caramel icing, does not disappoint. And the caramel glaze is the perfect complement to this tender, spiced, and just slightly sweet cake.

Note: You may want to glaze the cake right on the plate you plan to use to serve it, forgoing the rack. As soon the glaze has even the slightest chance to set, it will crack if you try to transfer the cake from rack to serving plate.

cake applesauce

Serves 10


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Ina’s Fresh Peach Cake

This is an easy to prepare rustic-style peach cake by the Barefoot Contessa.

The cinnamon and sugar mixture caramelizes leaving the bottom and sides sweet and crunchy.  The fragrant peaches leave the inside moist, while the pecans add a bit of crunch.   For serving, there is nothing better than a warm slice with a little bit of cream poured over the top.  Yummm.

peach fresh cake

Total Time: 1 hr 5 min
Prep: 15 min
Cook: 50 min

Yield:8 servings


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Red White and Blue Poke Cake

If you’ve never made a poke cake before, you have to try it! They are easy to make and so good, the Jell-O keeps the cake extra moist!

To make it really quick, this recipe starts with a boxed cake mix but if you have a favorite white cake recipe, by all means use that! Once the cake is done baking you’re going to poke it all over, the more holes the better! I use the end of a chopstick but the end of any sort of spoon will work perfectly! You’ll want your holes in somewhat of rows so you can alternate the red & blue Jell-O as you pour it over. We found it worked best to put the Jell-O in a squeeze bottle (you can grab them on Amazon or even use a ketchup squeeze bottle from the dollar store).



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