Potato, Squash, & Goat Cheese Gratin

This is an easy, rustic recipe that makes a great vegetarian meal or a pretty side dish for summer or autumn. It’s so simple: Yellow squash layered in a jumble with sliced red potato and goat cheese. No cream needed at all.

There’s not a ton of cheese and no cream (just a splash of milk to keep it tender), so the fresh taste of the vegetables is front and center. We sprinkled our gratin with basil at the end for a little color. It was a near-perfect dinner (and great leftover, FYI).

squash potato goat cheese gratin

serves 6


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Green Beans with Caramelized Pecans

Green beans have a certain suave, slender elegance that makes them a classic accompaniment. But too often, they get short shrift: a quick drizzle of butter, a squirt of lemon, and onto the table they go. We suggest you coddle them a little this year. Try tossing them in a hot skillet with shallots and pecans that get caramelized in buttery brown sugar, and you’ll see just how special green beans can be.

green beans with caramelized pecans

YIELD: Makes 10 servings
ACTIVE TIME: 45 minutes
TOTAL TIME: 45 minutes


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