Chilled Buttermilk Soup with Tomato and Basil

When summer’s heat arrives, it’s hard to to think of preparing, much as less eating, hot food. We want something cool, quick and refreshing.

This soup couldn’t be simpler: just cold buttermilk, a couple of chopped tomatoes and some basil. It can even be made with pesto, if opening a jar sounds easier than snipping a few basil leaves. This is the essence of summer: simple, cooling and quite delicious!

soup buttermilk chilled

serves 2


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Simple Summer Squash Soup

Here’s a recipe that takes very few ingredients (most of which you probably have on hand) and that relies on warm spices instead of the all-too-common Italian spices that so many people rely on when cooking with summer squash — herbs like oregano or thyme. This soup freezes beautifully if you want to make a large batch and store some for a weeknight when you simply can’t be bothered.

squash soup

Serves 5-6


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Ham and Potato Soup

This is a delicious recipe and very easy recipe. And the great thing about it is you can use it as a base and create endless variations. Try no meat, italitan sausage and extra onion, diced chicken breast, broccoli, etc. You can customize to your family’s tastes.soup ham and potatoe

PREP: 20 mins
COOK: 25 mins
READY IN 45 mins

Servings: 8


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This Mediterranean seafood stew’s uniqueness comes from the herb and spice combination of orange peel, fennel and saffron, which is what gives the soup its deep golden color.

Now let’s talk about the seafood. You can use whatever you want, though traditional Bouillabaisse recipes will call for 3 different kinds of fish along with bouillabaisse

Servings: 6 Prep Time: 15 minutes Cook Time: 40 minutes


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