The Grosvenor Market is the one-stop shop for all of your grocery needs: whether you’re looking for condiments, breads, cereals, sweets, and much more!

Grocery List

Woman in grocery aisleWe carry everyday brands like General Mills cereals, Ken’s salad dressings, as well as Ocean Spray juices. You can also pick up all your laundry, paper goods, and cleaning supply needs here. However, like in all of our other departments, we are happy to carry many locally-produced grocery items from around the region!

If you're looking for an amazing array of jams, jellies, and sauces, look no further than our aisle 2A! McCutcheon’s Apple Products, a company based in Old Town Frederick, Maryland offers all of these tasty spreads!

LaPasta from Silver Spring is a very unique company: they don't make excess pasta and wait for stores to buy it. Instead, they make only what is ordered.  This practice guarantees the freshest product, and you can find it at The Grosvenor Market.

Gluten FreeOur grocery department is ever-changing. We are continually expanding our gluten-free and Kosher offerings. We house an extensive ethnic assortment, including a complete line of Goya products.

We can appreciate that all tastes are not the same, so to satisfy everyone's flavor preferences, we carry a multi-cultural, complete assortment of spices and condiments.

In addition to our specialty items, we carry a wide variety of private label groceries from SuperValu and organic private label groceries from Wild Harvest.

We Love Local!

In our breakfast and cereal section, a must-try is Ester’s Granola. Produced locally in Silver Spring, Maryland, Ester’s Granola comes in three varieties: Original, Gluten-Free, and Peanut Butter.

Organic fruits and vegetablesWe are big fans of healthy, fun snacks and we are always looking for new ones to try.  One of our favorites is Snikiddy Snacks from Bethesda, with a line of delicious, gluten free snack foods.  You should also taste the interesting new flavor of baked lentil chips from The Mediteranean Snack Food Co. or a crispy flatbread cracker from Firehook Bakery in Chantilly, VA. For a special treat, try Bergers cookies out of Baltimore or locally owned Whisked! desserts.   Otterbein cookies from Baltimore could be the best store bought chocolate chip cookie on the market!

The Grosvenor Market has a complete selection of everyday and gourmet nuts from The Barcelona Nut Company out of Baltimore.

Thirsty? Why not try one of the delicious flavors of Honest Tea? Their all-natural iced teas are the pride of Bethesda!