Local Farmer

We bring the farmer’s market to you!

We have long standing relationships with several local family farmers who are as passionate as we are about delivering quality, variety, and freshness.

The typical day starts before sunrise.  Carlos, your Produce Manager, contacts several local farmers to hear what’s fresh in from the fields.

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To bring you the freshest possible produce, we go the extra mile - literally. When many are just rising to start their day, we are hitting the country roads in our own truck to meet the farmers and bring back the day’s bounty.

Stop by in the morning for a hot cup of coffee and your morning bagel and you’re likely to see us unloading our pickup truck full of produce, fresh from the farm.


Once inside, the fruits and vegetables are carefully inspected for quality before being labeled and prepped for sale. No time is wasted bringing you the freshest produce possible. Only hours away from the field, you get top quality, perfectly ripe flavor.

Year round, our produce bins are full of an ever-changing selection of specialty and seasonal items. Of course, our favorite time of the year is summer. Who can resist the sweet corn, juicy ripe tomatoes, or mouth-watering peaches? Not to be overlooked, the fall apple harvest, with all its glorious varieties, is much anticipated.

Feel free to stop and ask any questions you have about our local produce: where it's from, what's in season, or whatever question you may have!